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Published 1993

A 1993 film by Willie Charles Moore. Mixture of animation and live action. Charlotte Film Festival Winner, Sarasota Film Festival Winner, and Rosebud Winner.

Narrarted by Connie Harris. Darren Wheeling assist. Professor Henry Joseph - live action production consultant. Edgar Thompson - live action camera. Professor Torriano Berry and Derrick Allen - live action technical consultants. Sankofa African Edu-cultural Drummers Ensemble - musical performers. (Kwaku Ofori-Ansa, Kwabena Ofori-Ansa, Nana Adu Ofori- Ansa, Prosper Agbonson, Kwame Koffie Lart). Film production at Color Lab, Bono Film House, Miguel√Ęs Studios, and Howard University. Special Thanks to Robert Harris, The Hibbards. Special guidance by Dr. Paul W. Mantabane and Dr. Bishetta D. Merritt. Aggressive consultant Linda R. Smith. Edited by Darren and Willie, with additional assistance at Cabelvision of Manassas.

Run time 15 minutes 4 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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